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Thank you for your Support

Isha Knill - Saturday, March 18, 2017

This is a huge shout out to my Thriving Women Sponsors, Members and all the people who attended our Inaugural Event. Why do I say this?  Recently I met up with one of my Thriving Women Members and in our discussion she mentioned that 20000 people leave the Illawarra daily for work.  

This totally blew me away....if you think about it, when at work people usually have to buy themselves lunch, a drink - usually a coffee (my favorite thing to do) which means that if on average they spend as little as $2 (more like $10 a day) it means an average of $40000.00 (more like $100 000.00) leaves our economy on a daily basis, to be spent in economies around us!!  

This just blows me away and is quite scary when you think about would our businesses be preforming if these people and their money where being kept in our economy?  It definitely is food for thought and is a huge part of why I created Thriving Women. 

If I can help you grow your business it means your business becomes stronger, and as you grow you become an employer which ultimately brings these people and dollars back into our economy...a win for all of us :) 

The important part to recognise here is that whilst I have done this to help local businesses, I haven't done this alone...I have had amazing people (particularly my family <3) who have supported me in starting Thriving Women so thank you, your support is really appreciated and helps forms part of Thriving Women's contribution in helping and supporting businesses in the me you are all totally awesome! 

Thank you for helping me to help the awesome Illawarra grow stronger!
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