Isha Knill - Business Coaching
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How does coaching work?

With all clients, we start by talking together to identifying what you would like to achieve during the coaching process. This is done to help you decide if you would like to work with me and whether I am the right person to help you and vice versa – it is important that we both feel that we can work together. 

Once we have worked out whether we are a good match, I usually suggest that we complete a refocus, Refresh, re-engage session.  The time required for this session will depend on the complexity of the issue. 

For example, if it is working with a business that has a lot of staff members it is best to spend a day together to outline what we need to focus on first.

If what you want is personal development to help you move forward in your career or life, we might only need to spend half a day together.  However, we will be able to discuss this at our initial meeting.

Once we have completed a refocus, Refresh, re-engage session we will then decide what is best for you whether this is a program or single sessions.  From there we will schedule regular appointments. 

In the beginning if your business is large, there will be a lot of work to move through, so it is often a good idea to either make weekly or fortnightly appointments with the view to moving to monthly appointments.

If it is personal development, usually fortnightly to begin with, moving to monthly if you wish to continue for a longer term. 

You get to choose what you want to work on in each session and I provide you with action steps to complete between appointments to keep momentum going.

What can I expect from your Coaching?

My coaching style is intuitive, insightful and practical I relying a lot on my intuition to help guide your growth.

My approach is often described by clients as intuitive, insightful and even spiritual.  This means that the work we do is an organic process covering a combination of things; which include tackling what surfaces from your subconscious conditioning, filling in knowledge gaps that will help you to move forward and giving you the life tools you need to keep moving once we stop working together.

I’m a practical and grounded with a deep desire to see you succeed in your business and your life. I assist you with transformational change which means you gain meaningful change and do not return to old habits that sabotage your process.  This approach frees you from the limitations that have been stopping your progress, moves you forward and stops you falling back into old habits. 

As part of this process, I will challenge you from time to time, I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly if I didn’t do this. However, that said, I will do this in a compassionate, empathetic way with the aim to create a space that helps you to feel completely supported and understood and give you the confidence you need to reach to where you need to go to move forward.

How will I know if you’re the right coach for me?

The most important thing to consider in a coaching relationship is if you and your coach ‘connect’.  The only way to do this is to get in touch with me, this way we can discuss what you need so I can establish if I can help you. 

I will only work with clients that I believe I can help, so if I don’t think I’m right for you I will do my best to refer you to someone else who I believe can help J.

How soon can I see you?

So I give my best focus to my clients, I keep my coaching practice small and specialised.  This means my appointments are sometimes booked out in advance but I’ll do my best to accommodate you.  I’m also happy to add you to a wait-list if I can’t fit you in at your preferred time.

Is coaching expensive?

I personally see coaching as an investment in yourself.  I have never regretted the investment I made in myself because I live these results daily. 

When you consider the financial impact to your business due to lack of productivity.  Or the impact stress has on your life, relationships and well-being when your life or business isn’t working well, coaching might become a necessity, not a luxury.

The one thing I am passionate about is teaching you the tools and strategies you need so you can become confident to go it alone and not continually need my services. This is one of my main aims when I work with people. 

I’m not sure if I need personal, business or career coaching.

Whilst your challenge might manifest in either one of these areas, I take a holistic approach to my coaching because what we see on the outside reflects what we need to improve on the inside. 

Another way of explaining this is that you sit at the centre of your life, when your face challenges, whether they be in your business, your relationships or your career it’s usually because of how you have been taught to think about these areas of your life.  When you understand how to transform how you think and act, you will start to transform your life.

I’m not sure about telephone or Skype coaching. Is it really as effective as face to face coaching?

I have found skype/telephone coaching to be a great medium for a number of reasons.  It is time efficient and it’s personal because I get to really focus on listening and being 100% present with no distractions.  Doing this means that our conversations generally cut to the core issue quickly so we move through work faster.  However, if you’re still in doubt, I suggest you give it a try to see if it works for you.

Do you see your clients for in-person sessions?

Yes I do, I also love in-person sessions and am comfortable with both mediums.  I always arrange to meet clients at locations that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

How long do people generally continue with coaching?

This depends on the complexity of the work.

When working with established companies we often work intensively for six to twelve months and sometimes beyond this timeframe. 

For individuals, we usually work together for a few months as this is a realistic time frame to make changes in your life.  Once we have completed the initial work, some clients choose to continue indefinitely making regular monthly or six-weekly appointments because they like to have a mentor helping them through tough decisions.

For many it depends on what is needed to help move them from where they are to where they wish to be.  Even once clients have completed programs, life continues to change so you are always welcome to come back to coaching should the need arise.

What can I expect of the coaching process?

You can expect a supportive, non-judgemental space for you to discuss the issues that are most important to you.  Coaching is designed to get you thinking differently and open you up to new opportunities and ways of seeing things. 

It is solution-focused which means we don’t spend a lot of time trying to make sense of why things are the way that they are, instead we identifying barriers and work on what we can do to move forward. I will brainstorm with you when you are stuck and keep you accountable in moving forward. 

You will find that coaching is a positive, supportive experience that leaves you feeling clearer about your direction, confident in your ability and with a greater sense of self-awareness.  In all it can be a very uplifting experience.

Can I get more information?

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your needs further, please contact us